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Is your business stuck with 20th Century Technology?

Our client had an software package written in the 90s that for all intents and purposes ran their business. A sizeable business located in Central Scotland, they turned over more than £100m last year.

They have big ambitions to expand their marketshare and to deepen the relationships with their customers. One key plank of this strategy is through the use of digital channels - but their underlying technology simply wouldn't support sophisticated online offerings, they would never be able to do it on that old creaking platform.

We evaluated the as-is situation and then explored the options for its replacement. We sourced two credible options that would support their digital strategy - making a clear recommendation on the best way to proceed, preferring a vendor with expertise of the industry and Microsoft Dynamics CRM over a bespoke build.

This change has put the business on a much firmer footing - with our help they are now preparing to launch a number of innovative digital offerings.

Business Automation Checkup

After 30 minutes on the phone or Skype with me, you will:

  1. Understand what the low hanging self-service fruit is in your business
  2. Ball park estimates of the business benefits to automating
  3. Understand the key risks in your automation project

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