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Start Here: Automate or Die

In less than the typical lifespan of someone born in the west, the world has seen three  massive technological distruptions; Computers and electronics, the Internet and finally Smartphones. By looking at todays cutting edge, we peek at what tomorrow's main stream business practices will look like.

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Automation Archetypes

How do you identify opportunities for improving your business? Using Archetypes we can evaluate whether they apply to our business or not.

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Identifying Atypical Opportunities

There are techniques that allow us to be more thorough.

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Assessing financial impacts

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The Other Side of Change

Quantifying the Financial Impact of technical change is hard; but we also need to consider the People Side and Customer Side of Change.

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'To-be' vs 'As-is'

It's time to start thinking about how our candidate solutions look. Here we examine good practices about defining a solution.

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Decision Time

How do you evaluate solutions? What tools exist to help us make good decisions?

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Epilogue: Continuos Innovation

Good practices around managing change in your core business

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Our Observations

Outsiders Breakdown: Thomas Cook's Strategy

We examine how one of the UKs largest travel agents is shifting their customer interactions online.

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Other Things we Like

The Economist: The onrushing wave

Previous technological innovation has always delivered more long-run employment, not less. But things can change.

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Freakonomics Radio Podcast: How Safe Is Your Job?

Freakonomics Radio discuss when robots will replace us.

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Business Model Generation

The most effective way to document at a high level how your business works.

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